gfh. - Guns for Hire: We pwn j00r sox


gfh. is a Dystopia clan which was formed in roughly 8 hours so that a few poor bastards could play in DGL. Our roster consists of the group of classy dudes who are pictured standing over the whiny rebel swine above. I of course am Cyanyde, the black dude speaking his holy words of wisdom. The rest are, Gotenxiao, Raven, Fenrir(the one on the ground), Urinal-Cake and some guy called esoj.
And a big welcome to our newest member, Norse, the owner of Source-DB,who has been kind enough to hook us up with a Forum for our random foolishness.. You fucking pwn Norse!

ph34r us...

tm 2005 gfh. pwning you since a couple of days ago..