DJ Party Girl Hat and Bag World
4609 Hunt Rd. Adrian, MI 49221 (401) 276 2820


Ordering: We take Paypal. If you would like to pay by check or MO, please write us first so we can take off the paypal charge.


DJ Party Girl specializes in hand made bags, hats for winter and summer, and attachable collars for any occasion. Each item is made by DJ Party Girl herself and is completely unique. Each comes with a DJ Party Girl embroidered tag showing authenticity and a guarantee that it was made with love.

To order just select the item you want and email us with the appropriate item number. Since these items are hand made and one of a kind, we cannot guarantee that the item you select will be in stock. However we will email you back with a picture of the item that most closely resembles what you picked! Happy shopping and thank you!

Thank you,

- DJ Party Girl