the freakin news

. 5/29/99 - Hammered Fest
vertigogears rock out at the Pit in CT. to, like, a total of 3 of our friends and a bunch of mohawks standing outside. Made 20 bucks that covered gas money for both cars, and Adam got ticket for $78 when after a pig told him that his car was not registered, and vows that he is never going back to CT. Version 1.0 of the demo tape was released to an unrelenting public (one person bought it).
. Somewhere inbetween 5/10/99 and 5/28/99
vertigogears finally got down a useable recording for a demo tape. Adam mixed it down and Anthony added the samples and did the inserts and copied it to tape. You know you want one.. Email Anthony for more information and stuff.
. 5/9/99 - Save Fort Thunder!
vertigogears play their first show ever at the Met Cafe in the friendly confines of our hometown, Providence. It was the "Save Fort Thunder" benefit, and we seemed to get a pretty good reaction and sold a shitload of patches, and we went nuts, and played "Get Jiggy With It".