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Traditional Cache  GC1BQ4H
Traditional Cache 88 Piano Keys - B4 we had Guardrails
A cache by Ben & Laura of RIBNAG      Hidden: 4/26/2008
Size: Micro (Micro)      Difficulty: 2 out of 5      Terrain: 3 out of 5 (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
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N 44 20.069 W 068 47.301
UTM: 19T E 516873 N 4909045
In Maine, United States

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A one-mile hike along the Bakeman Farm Trail on Cape Rosier, through gorgeous mossy forest with a long-forgotten foundation as a bonus... Now featuring a GRC (minus the GR)!

We wanted to plant this somewhere nice to visit, but still give a self-deprecating nod to the reputation of micros as "Guard-Rail Caches", as well as coming up with a good pun for such a wonderfully named piano key. We found the perfect spot, and think you'll enjoy visiting it as well (Mention in your log if you get the pun - We hope we didn't make it too subtle).

The cache consists of a film canister with a logbook and a sort-of stub of a pencil. It starts with no trade-items in it, but it has enough room to hold a couple of small coins or similar tiny toys.

We used the ClayJar rating system for this cache, but don't let the "3" terrain worry you. Some (very short) patches of the trail get a bit rough, but the majority of it only requires a gentle uphill slope and a loop of just under a mile (both ends of the trail go to the road, with about a tenth of a mile stretch between them).

The cache itself lives in an unmissable 6ft ring of 18 trees (counted at shoulder-height), 10 paces from the trail. You don't need to squeeze inside the ring of trees to get to it.

Congrats to Becket for FTF!

Additional Hints
Ba gur onpxfvqr bs gur evat bs gerrf, snpvat gur genvy, ybbx va gur sbex bs gur gjb gerrf gb lbhe evtug, ebhtuyl guerr srrg bss gur tebhaq. Decryption Key A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M
(letter above equals below,
and vice versa)

Additional Waypoints
    Prefix Lookup Name Coordinate  
44 FINISH Park here to cheat (Parking Area) N 44 19.956 W 068 47.317 [Map]
Note: No formal parking, but plenty of room to pull off the road. You can halve the total distance if you park here, but you'll miss the best half of the hike.  
BB START Park here (Parking Area) N 44 20.051 W 068 47.172 [Map]
Note: A clearly marked parking area  

Published By: MainePublisher
Converted By: Ben of RIBNAG
Rendered: Static, Local
Coordinates are in the WGS84 datum

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Copyright 2000-2008 RIBNAG.
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