In the event you did not already know this, letterboxing involves turning off the television, getting off the couch, gathering the basic human necessities to survive for a few hours away from a refrigerator, and wandering off into the woods. This includes, at a MINIMUM, one protein-bar per hour per person, one liter of water per hour per person, a functional compass, an emergency radio beacon, and a map of the area you intend to occupy. You should also consider a first aid kit, an extra set of warmer clothing, a pocket-knife or utility tool, a GPS receiver, a cell-phone, and pepper-spray. Carefully observing the above will maximize, but not insure, your chances of returning home intact. Ignoring it can, and eventually will, get you lost, hurt, and or dead. Prepare yourself properly, and consider yourself warned.


By following the directions included on this page, which neither RIBNAG nor any of its members present as wholly or even partially accurate, you accept complete responsibility for your actions and safety. You further agree that in no event will you hold RIBNAG or any of its members morally, criminally, or financially liable for any misfortunes that may befall you over the course of searching for this letterbox, including the return trip from said letterbox. By proceeding beyond this sentence, you certify that you have read all of the above, agree with it in its entirety and with no exceptions, and consider yourself mentally, physically, and chronologically competent to parse these two paragraphs, agree with them, and successfully undertake the task of finding, and returning from, the letterbox indicated herein.


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Summit Without a View Letterbox (1 box).

The Holbrook Island Sanctuary, in Brooksville, Maine, hides several miles of beautiful trails not far from a number of popular tourist spots, yet we encountered only half a dozen other people while planting this box.

To get there, take rt15 South from Bucksport to Blue Hill. From Blue Hill, take 15/176 West until they separate, heading rightish to stay on 176. In about two miles, 175 joins the road, stay on 175/176 (leftish). 175/176 splits again in another mile, so stay on 176 (rightish). In about 6 miles, look for Cape Rossier Road on the right, it has a sign for the sanctuary. Next, about 1.5 miles down Cape Rosier Road, look for (and take) the right turn onto Back Road.

Once on Back road, take either Summit trail or Mountain Loop Trail, both on the left. You may want to stop at each of the trailheads along the way until you find a map (the sanctuary does fairly well at keeping the boxes stocked, but the day we planted this, the Mountain Loop Trail head didn't have any).

Go to the summit (for which you will have to take a short section of Summit trail, but can start on Mountain Loop) and find the USGS marker. The trail appears to keep going straight past the actual summit on your left, so when you get near the top, watch for the actual peak. If you go too far, the trail will thin and then cease to exist, and you'll (obviously) start heading downhill again.

From the marker, head at 320° and take a slightly S-shaped course for 26 paces. Now, head 25 paces at 280° to come to a large semicircular above-ground root immediately before a short drop-off. Find your prize directly beneath the NE end of the semicircular root.

To get back, you can avoid backtracking all but the short section of Summit trail you took to the top. The day we planted this, we followed Summit trail to the top, them Mountain Loop clockwise to its head, then a short walk along the road back to the trailhead for Summit trail.

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