Welcome to TAC -- The AOL Instant Messenger Tcl Client

Stable Version
Version: 0.17
Status: Beta
Released: 07/17/01
Download: tac-0.17.tar.gz
Previous version: tac-0.16.tar.gz
Change Log
Untarred: current

If you've been having a problem with backspace while using Tac,
you may want to add the following line to your /etc/profile:
[ "$TERM" == "vt100" ] && tset -e ^H
Yes, you may use a caret and 'H', since tset understands
the caret notation. Let me know if this helps anyone. --SMike

Tac was formerly part of TiK, a Tcl/Tk AIM Client

TAC is a pure Tcl console-based version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The TAC client began as a console-only alternative to TiK, the Tcl/Tk client. Since most development efforts were focused on TiK, the TAC client has relatively few features. Eventually, the client will have many or all of the featrues the native Windows and Macintosh clients have. TAC is now maintained by SMike, and is no longer part of the TiK project. Please send me lots of comments, suggestions, patches, feature requests, and bug reports. The current version will be avaliable untarred in the current directory, so that each file may be downloaded individually. Old versions will be avaliable in the old directory.

Download and Install

  1. Install gzip if not previously installed.
  2. Install Tcl if not previously installed.
  3. Download tac-0.17.tar.gz
  4. On your loacl machine un-gzip and untar the file. (gzcat tac.tar.gz | tar -xf - )
    This will automatically create a new tac directory in the current directory.
  5. Change to the tac directory. (cd tac)
  6. Run Tac, using something like tclsh tac.tcl

Documentation and Resources

Tac is currently tested with Tcl 8.0 under Linux and FreeBSD. Please feel free to send me ideas, code, or bug requests. I will include your name as a contributor if you ask me to do so. I am also looking for people to help design this web site and write documentation. If you would like to help with this, please contact me. My e-mail address is smike @ users.tmok.com