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Now we see how this space has filled up. It's getting pretty grim floorspace-wise. We've been shifting things around, setting up shelves, doing our best to keep it organized.
Also we've got some shots of the folks who have built this place up. Pretty motley crew, but dedicated. If you haven't seen it already, take a look at the Millspace Tour Page One to see some of the original items in the collection

Collection of VT boards VT Chip Board and Printers
One thing that seems to pile up quite quickly are terminals and monitors. Here are some salvaged boards from a bunch of VT terminals that were being worked on. Also in this picture are several line printers. I remember when this was the only I/O available to me at RIC's Computer Center.

Tape Loader?
I'm more than ready to admit that a lot of this stuff is beyond me, being more of a microcomputer person. This appears to be a loader of some variety. Check back later for a better description once I consult with an associate. ^_^

The collection grows and grows! The Collection Grows...
as the floorspace diminishes. You might recall the Basic Fours sitting there in the foreground, but note all the stuff behind it now! Some additional terminals and monitors, the some Wang drives, Clix workstations, IBM disk drives (the eight inch type) and very limited workspace now grace our floors. It's a pretty impresive sight as one walks in. And pretty challenging to those who need to do some work.

Orange Wall
Okay, so it's not a wall, but picture it on grey shelves in some student center, and you get the idea. This is just one set of complete documentation on hand for various systems, in this case, VMS. One of the missions of the RCS/RI is to preserve some of this rapidly disappearing resource... original documentation.
Orange Wall?

More Documentation And More Documentation!
In keeping with the philosophy just mentioned, here's another view of the library. Everything from paper tapes for the PDP's to shrink-wrapped Rainbow documents. We also have a number of past issues of old computer magazines and reference handbooks. If for no other reason, visit the RCS millspace to check out the library.

Tape Reader
Here's another one of those pieces I'm not entirely familiar with. This is a tape reader of some variety, I don't think it's from the Digital line, more likely a Nova of some variety. I'll have to check with Mr. Friend about this one.
Tape Reader

Pictures of people with the machines

This is hardly a complete representation of our membership, but they're the only pictures I have so far. Check back here in the future for more faces to put with the names.

Not pictured below (he was not present when I had the camera ready) is Mr. Carl Friend who hosts one of the best personal collection pages I've seen. I urge everyone to visit Carl Friend's Minicinouter "Museum".

Mike Umbricht
Mike is posing in front of the LINCs and PDP's. He was one of the two who drove to Rochester for the initial haul. He is an astronomer and a VMS person and also runs the BBS host computer (telnet to kronos.egr-ri.ids.net Weds and Sunday nights from 7 to 11 pm, EST) and co-maintains the RCS/RI web page. His own collection page is conan.ids.net/~mikeu/collection.html
Mike Umbricht
Dave Fischer Dave Fischer
Dave next to the Packard Bell 250. He's a UNIX man and the only one I know who can program in Postscript. His page at www.cca.org/retro.html has some interesting RFC (Request For Comments) documents. Dave also has his own RCS page along with many excellent photos of detailed part of the collection. Well worth checking out!
John Hale
John is a Computer Science major at Brown University, our only member currently enrolled in college. He has been heading up the Sun 3/50 project in trying to get our various Sun 3/50 workstations up and running with a bootable server. Also a UNIX man, he's offered to help me get my PC RT in functioning order. We'll see what happens. ^_^
John Hale
Yours Truly Yours Truly (me, John Teehan)
This is yours truly here holding a Commodore PET computer. It came with a CBM dual disk drive and tape drive as well as loads of software. Check back later to see the Millspace Micro Page as well as all the other lovely and informative sites I maintain.
Tim Teehan
My brother, Tim, really has no interest in computers and feels that they are generally evil. Maybe he's thinking about Microsoft. Just the same though, he was a huge help in getting the initial collection into its present location and I felt that he deserved to be listed.
Tim Teehan

That's it for now. Special thanks go to Mike Umbricht and Carl Friend for providing me with some necessary intruction and information. As time goes by, more info will be added, tech specs and so on. Please check back every now and then for the latest info and additions. Hint: RS 6000, TI mainframe, VAX 750, and other new items. (Okay, not much of a hint, just waiting to get the pictures scanned.)

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