Tumbleweed's Retro-Wish List

Tumbleweed's Retro-Wish List

The purpose of this page should be pretty obvious. ^_^

Every now and then I get a kind-hearted soul who has a system they think would be of interest and offers a deal. Sometimes it's something like an Apple // which I already have access to many of, sometimes it's something more salivating like a KayPro.

Take a peek at my Wish List. Maybe one of these are sitting in your closet now gathering dust, maybe you have them stacked up to the ceiling in your own collection. Ideally I'm looking for working systems with documentation, but I'll make do with what I can get. ^_^

This is list is by no means complete. If you haven't already, visit my Personal Sollection page to see what I have and don't have. I feel I should also mention that I am not a collector for the sake of dollar value. If you have an Altair that you're looking to sell for big bucks, good luck! If you have an Altair you'd like to see get used, then let me know. (Actually, items like an Altair would go to the Retro-Computing Society of RI for the public collection.)

Anyway, with further ado, here's a quick list. Following will be information regarding contact and such.

Tumbleweed's Wish List



Anything you think I'd find interesting! ^_^

Getting hold of me is as easy as writing to tumble@ids.net and letting me know what you have to offer.

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If you have any additions or suggestions for my pages, please, don't keep them to yourself! Write to me and share your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to respond to my e-mail address: tumble@ids.net. E-mail is a good thing!

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