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CDR's, Cassettes, 7inches, Videos

SUFFUCKATORS "Suffuckation Nation""s/t" Cassette (BLB023) Limited (10) cassette version of the Suffuckators first demo. Includes 4 demo tunes and a full live side. All songs about suffuckation and the problems of our society. Hardcore from a cyborg, an Arabian princess and a mexican farmer.$5.00
LIVE AT THE BULB CLUBHOUSE SERIES Individual CDR's of live shows recorded at the BULB Clubhouse in Providence, RI. Quality varies but most are excellent recordings. Covers are hand screened fold-over sheets by Pete Larson. Band name and date are rubber stamped in the center of the sheet.
NEW! Sightings $6.00
NEW! Kites $6.00
Wolf Eyes $6.00
King Brothers $6.00
Mind Flayer $6.00
Fat Day $6.00
25 Suaves $6.00
Suffuckators $6.00
36 $6.00
Temple of Bon Matin $6.00
Prurient $6.00
Nautical Almanac/Meerk Puffy $6.00

DANCE ASSHOLE "V" (BLB021) CDRThe fifth installment in Mr. Velocity Hopkins Dance Asshole series. This is one long dance beat for ethno-centric parties. $10.00
7 inches
NEW! 25 SUAVES "All But Nothing/Motorbreath" 7" - 25 Suaves newest single. "All But Nothing" with "Motorbreath" on the other side. Limited edition colored vinyl on Empirical records. The soundtrack to your house burning down and the shape of things to come. Limited quantities and this RULES.$5.50
NEW! 25 SUAVES "Jaun Rules" 7" - "Jaun Rules" with "Kiss of Death" on the other side. Handscreened covers on Japanther's Tapes Records.$5.50
NEW! Brad Pounders "split" 7" - New single from Brad Pounders with released and unreleased material. New wave soundtracks for any party.$5.50
BULLET IN THE HEAD-7" (BLB-030) Yet another case of southern drop-out. This is the kind of stuff that there needs to be more of: three songs of unintelligible shit. The sounds of your "72 Nova with the loose alternator belt come through loud and clear on this release from the guys who are the other side of the Couch 12" $3.00

THE TWEEZERS- Electric Servant of Everyman" 7" EP (BLB-035) Members of MATH team up to play a game of bounce the tape deck on the kettle drum! Ten songs of percusso-noise fury! This one will make you want to turn the lights off and walk around in a room of rusty nails! Complete with tetanus shot and on white vinyl for only $3.00

MR. VELOCITY HOPKINS/ The MANY MOODS OF MARLON MAGAS- split 7" EP (BLB-037) The heart and brain of COUCH team up to produce this mathematical excercise featuring their respective solo projects. Now that COUCH has achieved worldwide fame, the boys have decided that they should show the world exactly what they are about. While the sex charged Marlon shows his sensitive, understanding side with '(Open up) the Crab' and 'Malaka!', Mr. Velocity Hopkins demonstrates who exactly wears the pants in the family with the razor sharp noise blast of 'Watch Marlon Die'! Get it now for just $3.00

VOODOO BOOTS (Japan Rock 7" series #1) Japan Rock Series 7" (BLB-063)The first in a series of seven inches hilighting the best in Japanese rock, this single features Yokkaiti superstars Voodoo Boots on their first American release. Get the rock like you want it! Members of Estrus recording artists Gasoline get it on with a soul-rock fever even the doctor couldn't cure! Watch for more in this series! Out now, fucker! ROCK! $4.00

MR. VELOCITY HOPKINS- Franco-Prussian War" VHS Video (VLB-027) The second part in the BULB get-rich-quick series. Spend a full evening alone with Mr. Velocity Hopkins as he throws his mighty guitar noise blast direct in your face! $12.00!


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