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25 Suaves will be touring the US from October 30 to Nov 17th 2004
CD BLB-059
25 SUAVES "Chinese Students Study Abroad" 7" (BLB-055)
25 SUAVES "s/t" CD (Pvine Japan)
25 SUAVES "Street People" LP (BLB-078)
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25 Suaves play math rock the way AC/DC plays math rock, which is to say that AC/DC is math rock which is gonna ruffle some feathers but hear me out. AC/DC is math in that they take a your standard rock y roll formula, the one they use in "Jailbreak '74," say, and deliver it with the hate that's eating their souls. Hate. With AC/DC, and these 25 Suaves songs, you know exactly what is going to happen next, the split second elastic pull back of the guitar at the chorus tells you so, and sure enough, it always happens, it's a formula that always works and never gets old, because it's math and math is permanent. The difference is that AC/DC played for the kids loitering in the 7-11 parking lot eyeing your Taurus, waiting for the right moment to unleash a violent expression of boredom and suburban malaise on your world, or if you were a peer of theirs, on your ass -- 25 Suaves are the kids that were the target of that "expression," grown up now and regurtitating their own version of that malaise so long gone underground in the metalheads that tatooed them with pain as teenagers but alive and well in their as yet unhealed, addled brains. Their set is one long "Train Kept A-Rollin'" inverted and worked over in more ways than Jill Kelly at American Bukkake. There's some Bassholes in there, in Mr. Velocity Hopkins' tortured bleat and some bluesy riffs, but for the most part this is the old formula spurting out of amplifiers and driven by DJ Party Girl's blood-on-the-floor drums. - Mike McGuirk

25 Suaves - On record, 25 Suaves seem occasionally manic but rarely rushed, making the most of their time. The highly compressed Chinese Students Study Abroad! EP (Bulb) captures the husband-wife duo wandering through shouted blues, controlled noise and undisciplined skronk in under nine minutes. Mr. Velocity HopkinsĀEguitar riffs snag on DJ Party Girlís insistent drumming, and his strangled vocals never quite break the surface. But with the hipsters all atwitter over the comparatively polished White Stripes, 25 Suaves canít rest on their Providence-via-Osaka pedigree or their limited-edition-12"-split-with-Oneida discography. Freed from the vinyl straitjacket, they lug the rock from town to town; not content with taking the stage, they claim the floor, too. Some bands would just be marking their territory, but 25 Suaves enlist the audience in a mergence of energy. By feeding off the crowd, Hopkins and the missus keep adding strands to their tangled entreaties.

M.J. Fine, Philadelphia City Paper

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