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WOLF EYES "Fortune Dove" 12" (BLB-065) $8.25 Brand new 12" dance attack from Wolf Eyes, a Michigan based electronics and television repair team who have since come under the financial wing of our own highly paid accounting department. These three songs are not mere musical excercizes. Rather, they are attacks on the way we percieve and practice electronics deconstruction and rock and roll dislocations. With guitarist Darron Summer and multi-talented vocalist and electronics scientist Jean Street, this duo breaks barriers in all fields including science, vocational stuidies and basic fashion design. Like a lone shadow standing at the forefront of an oncoming tide (sunset, of course), these two will quickly enter your household and replace all your family photographs with their own likeness. You will at first be angry. You will wonder why. Slowly, you will understand. Yes, this is the best record of the next 1000 years. First in a long series of electronic/dance/warfare 12"'s from BULB Records. Produced by Andrew W.K.

B side includes a Wolf Eyes dance remix from Andrew W.K.

MR. QUINTRON (BULB GOLD REISSUE series #2)"I.F. 001-011" CD (BLB-064) $10.00 For those of you who missed it the first time, here it is, Mr. Quintron's first full length record. Quite different from his already wide body of releases, this CD serves as a window into the history of one of the finest performers of the past 30 years. "I.F. 001-011" documents the days of Mr. Quintron's brief but fruitful career as a haunted house curator, endlessly playing the drum for days straight with little or no break. This record will take you on a journey. From one percussive experiment to another to a bevy of homemade and prefabricated electronic instruments. Into the world of the cavernous Milk of Burgundy where much of this was recorded. Although different, this record will certainly not disappoint. For those of you who were privileged enough to own the original extremely limited vinyl pressing of Mr. Quintron's first full length album, this CD will be a welcome addition to your already growing Quintron collection.

Second on the BULB GOLD REISSUE series, a series devoted to making rare vinyl releases available on CD. Be sure to get Mr. Quintron's "The Amazing Spellcaster" as well (See below).

Mr. Quintron "The Amazing Spellcaster" CD (BLB-062) $10.00 Finally, the legendary third record by Mr. Quintron is reissued in its entirety on the CD format. Completely remastered for the highest quality, even holders of the vinyl version will want this special reissue piece. For those who are only familiar with the later "Satan is Dead" and "These Hands of Mine" releases, this is a good way to discover the history of the man of mystery with what we believe to absolutely his best work. Hear the organ in its purest form. Hear the voice of the man in his purest form. You are young. First in the BULB reissue series featuring all three of Mr. Quintron works. "I.F. 001-011" (BLB-064) will be released in Feburary. CD $10.00

25 SUAVES/ONEIDA "Street People" Split Live LP (BLB078/7) - Live split from Brooklyn's Oneida and Michigan's 25 Suaves. Covers screened by Lief Goldberg of Fort Thunder fame. One night, two bands, SOLD OUT
WOLF EYES (BULB DX 12" series #1) "Fortune Dove" 12" (BLB-065) First 12 inch from Wolf Eyes. A more refined version of their present toilet/mohawk sound.Produced by Andrew W.K. B side includes a Wolf Eyes dance remix from Andrew W.K., "Wolf Eyes Rules (What Kinda Band?) SOLD OUT

Mikey Wild "I Was Punk Before You Were" CD (BLB-061) $10.00 Full length CD documenting the career of Philadelphia punk veteran Mikey Wild. Spanning a history of nearly 20 years, Mikey has beaten everyone in the New York/Philly punk contest for longest running maniac in history. With barely a second grade education under his belt, his power to woo the women and spin the rawest, to the point punk rock songs in history definitely puts him in space next to Lou Reed, stiff Little Fingers, Watty, Bob Dylan, and Joe Strummer, but its a camp where all the aforementioned have run away in fear of being put to shame. A little known legend, this CD will hopefully enlighten those to what punk rock really is (was?). Includes hits like "I Hate New York", "Die Die Die", "Chicks With Dicks", and the famous "I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk, Punk". Essential. CD $10.00

KING BROTHERS- 7" (BLB-060)- New 7" rom the kings of rock! Three new tunes to make you jump up and rip the ceiling apart! The King Brothers are what I always envisioned rock to be but somehow no one could EVER deliver the goods. No one but the amazing King Brothers! Limited to 500 and there's only 50 left (it came out a week ago) so get it NOW! Includes "Super X" "Big Boss Blues" and "Mach Club". 7" SOLD OUT!

25 SUAVES - CD (BLB-059)- After coming off their tour with the King Brothers, 25 Suaves have finally released the full length of the century! Like a party where somebody puts a DNA record on auto repeat and everybody starts to think it's James Brown, 25 Suaves breath in and take the rock like you want it! Geeeehhhhh! Get it now, cover by DJ Party Girl! Rock fever, give me some, absolutely amazing! Produced by Shuhei Rock of Gasoline fame! CD $10.00

KING BROTHERS- CD/LP (BLB-056/BLB-057)- Rock fiends watch out! It's coming to get you! Three teenagers from Nishinomiya, JAPAN come after YOU with blazin' two guitar all out rock!! There aint nothin here that you cant do but if you could you wouldnt be what you are! Buy this one buddy! Amazing! Like the MC5 if they had sex with Guitar Wolf in a vat of PCP! Kill me! Give me more!!! Japanese rockers! CD $10.00 LP $10.00

25 SUAVES-"Chinese Students Study Abroad!" 7" (BLB-055) Three Chinese sudents studying at an athletic university in Osaka, Japan come together to produce this deck of tunes guaranteed to bring you back to the good old days. Rock you will enjoy depending on who you are! Who are you? Rock! New CD soon! Tour! All kinds of chicken on one plate! Rock! Amazing! Buy now! Bulb's best release! $4.00
TEMPLE OF BON MATIN-"Bullet into Mesmer's Brain" CD (BLB-054)- Free jazz? I don't think so but you can call it that if you want. The latest from metal master Ed Wilcox, this time with a collection of freaks never seen before or again. Unfortunately one of the most overlooked resident geniuses of the 1990's. Like Arthur Doyle having sex with the L.A. Guns in a vat of green beans. It's good but you 'll never know it unless you buy it. Stunning. $10.00
YOKOZUNA ICHIBAN- "Dismay" CD (BLB-053)- Here it is, BULB's first venture in ska! You may ask "what were they thinking?" but listen and you can hear it! Rockers from the country of Japan come to spread their monkey magic on you! 10 songs of stupidity come out to the world to rock YOU! Yeah, YOU! Blows all conceptions of ska out of the water! Fucking great! $10.00
Mr. QUINTRON "Satan is Dead" (BLB-051/2) LP/CD - Mr. Quintron returns with this breathtaking excercise in Mongolian tap dancing. Fit for a king of tears, Mr. Q and Miss Pussycat pull back the reigns of dance fury and wait for you, the music listener, to join in. Inlcudes the hits "Ninth Ward Breakdown", "A Hymn" and the enticing "Do The Stomp"! Get it while its still here! $10.00
MR. QUINTRON- "The first two records" (BLB-049) CD - Mr. Quintron hand picks all the best from both of his groundbreaking first LP's on BULB and puts them all on this fine CD just for you. If you thought you had it all you were wrong, this one contains single tracks, rare compilation tracks and never before heard guitar solos. Why don't you do your own guitar solo? Hey, make your own CD! Errr, I take that back no need to crowd the scope for the rest of us. SOLD OUT!
PTERODACTYLS - "Reborn" (BLB-047) CD - You remember when you were in the sixth grade and played air guitar to AC/DC while wearing mirrored shades and thinking you were the epitomy of cool? Bring back those frozen memories by listening to Germany's Pterodactyls rip your indy rock world apart! Contains the hits "Jean Jacket Kids", "Nite Life", "(Drive up) Snake Shop" and the unforgettable "14". Features Lothar (of Rats fame) on vocals and the amazing Big Ben on guitar. $10.00
DUOTRON "Battalia Feminil!" (BLB-046) LP - Duotron's last full length LP and their testament to the wrongness of staying together. The Rikkirututdfkljqueh and the Odi ring your neck with 12 or so songs of hate and destiny. Cause your neighbors to leave their residence by playing this loudly to prove your manliness and communistic fury! Grrrrrrrr! Get this extremely rare vinyl copy of this legendary release. $8.00
INCAPACITANTS "Asset Without Liability" (BLB-045) CD - In what situation are the Incapacitants listened to? Washing clothes? Cooking? Driving to Alabama? The best of all the Incapacitants release so far! Hears the gestations of the Laurel and Hardy of noise on this colorful and pleasant BULB release. $10.00
Quintron/Flossie and the Unicorns - "M.C. Baby Kitty/Snow machine" (BLB-044) split 7" Quintron and Flossie's breakthrough first seven inch. Came in letter pressed hand cut record sleeves and carried the theme of snow. You didn't get it, did you? SOLD OUT

TEMPLE OF BON MATIN- "Enduro" (BLB-043) CD Step aside for the rocket ride, and check out this monster from hell!. Ed Wilcox and the Good Morning brothers bring you several songs of misanthropic glory, all spread like butter to the tune of rock that you all are afraid to make! The proclaim themselves to be a cross between Merzbow and the L.A. Guns and we couldn't agree more. Don't forget to throw shoes at them when you see them live! $10.00

QUINTRON - "The Amazing Spellcaster" (BLB-042) LP Quintron's breakthrough organ record. What needs to be said about this record that hasn't already been said? if you've got it, you are one of the lucky ones. OUT OF PRINT! SOLD OUT
COUCH- "Glass Brothers" (BLB-041) CD Full length CD documenting the extensive career of the legendary Couch musical ensemble. Perhaps no other band has explored the horizons of modern music like they have, blending elements of modern rock, Cambodian folk sounds, and street sensibilities. These veterans of the midwest experimental scene are likely to be listed as one of the ten most influential bands of the century. Don't miss the legend. $10.00

DUOTRON - "We modern, We Now!" (BLB-040) LP Duotron's breakthrough first record. Guitar drum duo that came back and slapped the world on their ass! OUT OF PRINT

QUINTRON - "I.F. 001-011" (BLB-039) LP Quintron's breakthrough first record. Nothing like the others but here it is in all its percussion fury! OUT OF PRINT

GALEN- "The Heroin Bench" (BLB-038) 7" Galen's breakthrough first seven inch. Unfortunately they are no longer with us. We still have the beast people. OUT OF PRINT

MR. VELOCITY HOPKINS/ The MANY MOODS OF MARLON MAGAS- split 7" EP (BLB-037) The heart and brain of COUCH team up to produce this mathematical excercise featuring their respective solo projects. Now that COUCH has achieved worldwide fame, the boys have decided that they should show the world exactly what they are about. While the sex charged Marlon shows his sensitive, understanding side with '(Open up) the Crab' and 'Malaka!', Mr. Velocity Hopkins demonstrates who exactly wears the pants in the family with the razor sharp noise blast of 'Watch Marlon Die'! Get it now for just $3.00

The DEMOLITION DOLL RODS- 7" (BLB-036) Detroit's queens of cool came at us like a flying brick! OUT OF PRINT

THE TWEEZERS- Electric Servant of Everyman" 7" EP (BLB-035) Members of MATH team up to play a game of bounce the tape deck on the kettle drum! Ten songs of percusso-noise fury! This one will make you want to turn the lights off and walk around in a room of rusty nails! Complete with tetanus shot and on white vinyl for only $3.00

IN BULB O PHONIC (BLB-034) compilation CD - A veritable platter of tracks from the best of the BULB stable. 70 minutes of happiness all ready for you and yours provided you are ready for the histigious assault of the BULB satanic powerhouse! Includes only the best from brothers like Temple of Bon Matin, the Pterodactyls, Mr. Velocity Hopkins, Mr. Quintron, Duotron, the Incapacitants, Bullet in the head, Couch, Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink, and other emissaries of the lord of darkness himself. Let the blood flow like rivers! $5.00

The MONARCHS - "Play For you" 7" EP (BLB-033) The latest and the greatest from America's ungarage swank kings (and queen). A record to break the monotony of all the noisy-crap I put out. This one should be in the shelf of every bachlor on earth and on the turntable of every doctor. Includes the newborn hits, "Satellite", "Train Bound for Midnight" and the famous "Sandle Stomp". A surefire winner! $1.00

MATH - "Bask Math" CD (BLB-032) Hey, you purist idiots! BULB enters the twentieth century with our first COMPACT DISC release! Chicago's MATH present their classic "Bask" assemblage of recordings. Made out of junk from your grandfather's old work shed, a Hammond organ from your local thrift shop, and a clarinet fron the underworld, MATH grip the listener with the scent of all the rhythms I can't master and arrangements that none of my friends could muster. Not the usual sort of garbage that BULB produces but every bit as classic. .OUT OF PRINT

SHRIEK - "Bunnies" (BLB-031) 7" This is what happens when people wpend too much time in foreign countries. Two of the guys from CORNELIUS GOMEZ fight it out on 5 or 6 songs of hate and dissappointment. This one took too long to put out and will probably spend too much time in the $,49 bin of your local used record store. Bulb's pride and joy and an advertising wonder. Includes the famous Rabbit song "Candy Assed Motherfucker", the moving "Song of the Moth Man" and the torturous "˜e–ð‚̃Rƒƒf²ƒAƒ“(Second Banana)". $1.00

BULLET IN THE HEAD-7" (BLB-030) Yet another case of southern drop-out. This is the kind of stuff that there needs to be more of: three songs of unintelligible shit. The sounds of your "72 Nova with the loose alternator belt come through loud and clear on this release from the guys who are the other side of the Couch 12" $3.00

PREHENSILE MONKEYTAILED SKINK - "We Hate Hook Nose/Fear of Practice" (BLB-029) 7" Much worse than their first one, this one diesn't pretend to be anything the acclaimed "We Found a 4-track" wasn't. Can there be anything better than the sounds of true shit? This is the only living relic of the ill-fated Prehensile Moneyman Jones sessions. Includes the hits "Teenage Love and Murder", "Kenneth", and "Face Like a Pirahna". Total shit. OUT OF PRINT

NOTE: We almost got sued over this record. One the original cover was a charicature of a local rocker, shown with a needle hanging out of his vein (he really was using). The guy, although I won't name him here (not that ANYONE out there would know who the hell he is), went straight to his lawyer and sent a cease and dissist notice to us demanding that we change the cover. We never put his name anywhere on the record but somehow he knew that it was him (maybe the needle had something to do with it), So we merely blackened out his picture on the front, making it all the more obvious. The whole situation was comedy to say the least.

CORNELIUS GOMEZ - "s/t" (BLB-028) 7" What can we say? These aren't the songs I wnated to release but they're better than a kick in the butt. The brainchildren of Chakka ruminate about you Bo-Derek soapy skull ear. This band contains a drunk, an art-fag and a guy who was in the Gergerigegege. They think they aren't themselves but they sound like this: "Tink, Tink, Klong, woom, RRReeuuureeee, AHHH! Tink, tink, tink tink,....tink, BLUMP!". OUT OF PRINT

PREHENSILE MONKEYTAILED SKINK "We Found a 4-Trak" (BLB-027) 7" Formed, written, recorded and mailed off one day, the classic "We Found a 4-track" stands as a testimonial to how your band should be but isn't. Better than Helmet (Why did we mention them?) but not as good as the Zip Code Rapists, Skink feel that your dollar is worth more than their time. The ultimate in the new BULB "screw you" sound. A drizzle of human wash. Contains a member of Couch and some other guys (who are now in the Monkey Power Trio, a band devoted to putting out one seven inch a year for the next century) Included are the four chartbusters "Alright", "I'm a Spy", "I Love You" and "Ten Foot Grandma". A traditional set of flavors. Buy it while it's still available. Loser. OUT OF PRINT

COUCH - "s/t" (BLB-026) 7" - The band that made men men and women men. These three Michigan heart-throbs know what it's like to be iconoclastic. COntains the hits "Hater of Couch", "Green and Red Look Alike", "The Coffe' Gun", and "(Is This) Time Travel Man". Makes Machester look like Yazoo City. Contains a member of SKINK and CORNELIUS GOMEZ so you have to buy it. OUT OF PRINT

The MONARCHS - "In Mono" (BLB-013) 7" Introducing the BULB flagship trashmsaters who herald the sounds of every tube wonderlux lo-fi you ever seen est of nantucket. pop-garage masters, the MONARCHS, lead you through threee songs of gout and laceration. Three lefty girl-men and one girl-girl present "Wanted Man", "Dead Boyfriend", and "Girl Crazy on Mars" for your pleasure and convenience. For a good time specify BLB-013 along with your hard earned cash. $1.00

KING BROTHERS "Live in America" - Video (PV2/BLB012) - Video documenting their American tour. Full of danger, this video takes the best of the King Brothers craziness and brings them into your own home. Excellent. On the fine Pandarilla label, a label devoted to documenting the Japanese rock world. Fuck yeah. $16.00
MR. VELOCITY HOPKINS "In Space" (BLB-006/Insignificant) CD - Long overdue and anxious, Mr. Velocity Hopkin's testament to space and time is here for you. 22 songs of hate and family breakup come blasting through your speakers in a free metal marathon that won't quit unless you can name all the players involved. Includes members of Galen, Easy Action and the famous L.A. Ellington, former drummer of the Pterodactyls. Get it for the cover alone. $10.00 (Note: each CD comes with an autographed picture of Mr. Hopkins)

DUOTRON "The complete illustrated book of..." (BLB-007) (a SCRATCH RECORDS release) CD - Although not credited at all anywhere on this disk, this is a split rerelease of the Duotron's recorded work on CD by the labels BULB and Scratch. Contains the two fantastic BULB no wave ear splitters "We Modern! We Now!" and "Battallia Feminil" plus the Coat Tail Xerobot split 7". Unfortunately (or fortunately) deceased, Duotron's history is captured here on one CD to make you feel the way you should. For fans of rust. $10.00
PREHENSILE MONKEYTAILED SKINK "I am a gorilla" (BLB-005) 7" (Blackjack Records) - Sophmoric release from the sophmorical retards. Another label actually consented to put this out. $4.00
MR. VELOCITY HOPKINS "Das Boot" (BLB-004) cassette (a CHOCOLATE MONK release) - First and only release on the legendary Chocolate Monk label. Recorded entirely in Germany, this completely unlistenable cassette will remain the envy of all. A scientific exploration into boom box recordings and guitar noise explorations. See Mr. Hopkins in his darkest hour. OUT OF PRINT

COUCH/BULLET IN THE HEAD split 12"ep (BLB-003/OVR-003) - Finally, the long awaited split between the long used tools of Bulb, COUCH, and the newest addition to the Bulb family, BULLET IN THE HEAD. Both sides are worth twice what you will ever pay for them individually. Your band couldn't ever suck this bad. Well, maybe not. OUT OF PRINT

BULB/BLACKJACK split #2 (BLB-002) 7" A breakthrough 7" that includes Mr. Quintron, Temple of Bon Matin, Mr. Velocity Hopkins, the Whales, Lake of Dracula, and Music Band. $4,00

BULB/BLACKJACK split #1 (BLB-001) 7" A breakthrough 7" that includes Cornelius Gomez, MATH, Mr. Velocity Hopkins, Bullet in the Head and Galen.. OUT OF PRINT

PREHENSILE MONKEYTAILED SKINK "Fear of Practice" Video (VLB-026) - The worst nightmare of the Bulb staff come true. Here the SKINK summons all of its power to conjure up a video documenting all of its live action on the high quality VHS format. Contains footage from at least three shows, all of which were embarrassing and pathetic. If you thought Skink were shit on record, wait till you see how bad they were live. Complete with eight fans. Crap. OUT OF PRINT

MR. VELOCITY HOPKINS- Franco-Prussian War" VHS Video (VLB-027) The second part in the BULB get-rich-quick series. Spend a full evening alone with Mr. Velocity Hopkins as he throws his mighty guitar noise blast direct in your face! Obtain the visual component necessary or understanding what BULB is about! Do fish swim? Yes! Let Mr. Velocity Hopkins glue the world to their seat for only $12.00! OUT OF PRINT

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