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In December of 1996, the Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island signed a lease at a local warehouse complex to house the society's historic computer collection. We received a major donation of equipment from the University of Rochester a week later and proceeded to quickly fill up the available space. Since then various donations have arrived through the hard work of members and well- wishers. These pictures reflect parts of the collection, most of which are now in the process of being restored to functioning condition. More acquisitions arrive every week and I will be attempting to run a catalog of sorts of the pieces as they arrive. For now this is very incomplete so keep checking back every now and then to see the latest updates!

For now, these are just pictures with a line or two of description. More detailed information will be forthcoming as info is collected. I tend to specialize on the microcomputers. I'll be receiving assistance from the minicomputer people in more fully describing the larger and more impressive pieces of the collection.Being one of the only microcomputer fans, I've been handling most of those. After this page is releaed, I'll be working on a Millspace Micro Page soon.

As of June, 1998, I've split the pages into two sections. The first page features the collection at the mill as it was initially loaded. The second page contains pictures that show how we've grown this collection, as well as pictures of some members of the Retro-Computing Society of RI, Inc.

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Many of the larger systems here still have me confused. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, corrections or additional information regarding the systems pictured above, feel free to respond to my e-mail address: tumble@ids.net. E-mail is a good thing!

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