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Name Location Difficulty Status Length
88 Piano Keys - B4 we had GuardrailsMaine2 / 3Okay (Placed 2008-04-26)1mi

Name Location Carver Difficulty Status Length #
404: Box Not Found Traveller Ben N/A Okay ? 1
Ancient Wisdom New Mexico ShannonEasy hike, moderate clue ??? < 1 km1
Bangor City Forest City Forest, Bangor, ME Ben 1.5 / 3.52007-11-10 ok (#3 out for service)up to 8 km3
Blue's Hill Maine Ben Moderate hike and clue 2007-08-25 ok (updated) 3 km1
Brown Beaver Brown Woods, Bangor, ME Ben 1.5 / 2.0Gone 1.5 km1
Chick Hill Clifton, ME Ben Moderate 2007-09-01 ok (replaced) 3 km1
Craggy Knoll Bartholomew's Cobble, Ashley Falls, MA ShannonEasy Okay < 1 km1
Family of Friends Rhode Island RIBNAG Easy hike, moderate clue 2003-05-20 ok < 1 km2+
Fast Track to a Degree URI, Kingston, RI Custom Easy #3 Gone 3 km3
Fishing for Fun Traveller ShannonN/A Okay ? 1
Great Pond Mountain Orland, ME Ben Moderate 2003-05-26 ok 5 km2
Lead Mountain Beddington, ME Ben 2.0 / 3.92007-09-08 ok (replaced) 2.2 km1
Pilgrim Protists Plymouth, MA ShannonEasy ??? < 1 km1
PostDoc Traveller ShannonN/A Okay ? 1
Prentiss Apprentice Bangor, ME Ben Easy hike, moderate clue Gone 1 km1
Sands of Time New Mexico ShannonEasy hike, moderate clue ??? < 1 km1
Things to do with StoneParker Woodland, Coventry, RI Bought Easy but long hike 2005-10-31 ok (replaced) 10 km3
Summit Without a View Holbrook Island Sanctuary, Brooksville, MEBen Moderate Okay 3 km1
Wilcox Park Letterbox Wilcox Park, Westerly, RI ShannonEasy Gone 1 km1

Status - "Ok" with a date means that, as of that date, a RIBNAGer personally verified the box as alright. Question marks indicates that we have an unconfirmed report of the box missing. "Gone" shows that we have confirmed a box as missing. "Replaced" means that the box had vanished, but we have put out a new box with the same image and location.

Carver - The person who carved the stamp. "bought" means we simply puchased a pre-carved stamp. "custom" indicates that we designed a stamp and had it manufactured. "RIBNAG" means that more than one member of RIBNAG contributed to the stamp(s) on that hike.

A note to non-RIBNAG'ers:
If you would like to get in touch with RIBNAG or those members of it willing to reveal a bit of contact information, please use the following:

Name E-Mail Home Page Other Stats
RIBNAG ribnag@users.tmok.com http://users.tmok.com/~ribnag The page you currently see P23
Chris C fur@entropy.tmok.com http://morgana.chm.uri.edu/~fur Fur  
Ben D pla@stone.tmok.com http://users.tmok.com/~pla Webmaster and backup carver LB:P16F229T18E3X53 GC:P0F220T94E2
Phyto phyto_me@yahoo.com      
Shannon D sciencepup@hotmail.com   Our best stamp-carver (yay!)  
Laura M lmac6990@postoffice.uri.edu      

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